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John Zino

Board Member

   John Zino is currently an Chief Consulting Engineer at GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy in Wilmington, NC and has thirty-five years of technical and management experience in the fields of nuclear science and technology. He holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University, an M.S. in Radiological Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering also from Georgia Tech.


   Over the past nine years, John has been actively involved with the Ratio Christi apologetics ministry at the University of North Carolina Wilmington both teaching and lecturing on topics related to the intersection of science and the Christian faith. John holds a part-time faculty position at UNCW teaching first-year seminar classes for University College and Honors College in the areas of science, philosophy, and religion. John is also the executive director of the Coastal Apologetics Network (CAN) in Wilmington NC, a Christian ministry dedicated to teaching, training, and equipping local churches, pastors, ministry organizations, and students on the essentials of defending the Christian faith in a modern-day culture strongly influenced by scientific naturalism.

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